Knives by Steven Shein

Knives by Steven Shein

"Art is a game. Too bad for him who makes a duty of it"

Max Jacob

Steven Shein | White Diamond Pharos Ring

Made in Los Angeles
Copper-alloy-plated sterling silver with 2 conflict-free white diamonds in bezel settings.
Diamonds measure 1 millimeter each.
Tubular sections of the band measure approximately 1 ¬Ĺ millimeter in diameter.

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On the coast of Texas
Between Mobile and Galveston there is
A great big garden overgrown with roses
It also contains a villa
Which is one great rose

Often a woman walks
In the garden all alone
And when I pass on the lime-tree-bordered road
We look at each other

Since this woman belongs to the Mennonite sect
Her rose trees have no buds and her clothes no buttons
There are two missing from my jacket
This lady and I are almost of the same religion.

by Guillaume Apollinaire 

Singles by Future Islands

Singles by Future Islands

"There can be a truth to face today, but it’s an empowering one."

Leo daily horoscope, April 2nd.

Fire Element Alchemy Bangle by Natalia Benson

Fire Element Alchemy Bangle by Natalia Benson

The problem I face in resisting temptation

Is fear it may never pass again.

But if that was my Season in Hell,

is this my Illumination?

Marinated to tender in Eastern rooms,

by barred appropriation -

So if that was my Season in Hell,

Is this my Illumination?

Sea air burns my blistered lungs

Before it only soothed - (only soothed)!

Perhaps it merely moved.

This flight I mistook for tranquility

Still wonder however could this be?

It’s no surprise (time after time) truth’s not readily clear to me.

But today I wait no longer

For it has already come

And if that was my Season in Hell

Is my this Illumination?

by Annie Howard

[from] “To Cure A Wound Is…”

And if a song is simply gaining
Your heart with non-predicted grace,
All vanish -- only they are reigning:
The stars, the singer, and the space!

by Osip Mandelstam


The Men - Another Night